About the Biotechnology SPIN category

Originally established in 1996 as the Biotech Working Party, our aim is to promote the development of realistic, common-sense and science-based approaches to the regulation of biological medicinal products by providing a sound understanding of the basic science and the available and emerging regulatory guidance via a focused education and training programme.

Current activities

Organising several TOPRA courses, including Module 9 of the MSc in Regulatory Affairs

Providing input to the TOPRA Annual Symposium

Support and contributions to the publication of biotech-related articles in Regulatory Rapporteur

We are looking to further expand our range by offering more frequent and informal opportunities to share and learn.

Our members

Our membership is growing and currently stands at over 60 members, who are involved in the full spectrum of applications of biotechnology and biologicals within the biopharmaceutical industry (recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and advanced therapies), all disciplines of regulatory affairs for these products, (CMC, Preclinical and Clinical and regulators) and all sizes of company.

Those who join this SPIN are encouraged to contribute and can draw on the knowledge of the network’s members. As the network is there to serve the members, you can influence the development and format of the network and become actively involved with the activities of the SPIN Steering Group.

Biotechnology SPIN Steering group

  • Chair: Jayne Hunt
  • Janneke Westra-de Vlieger
  • Carol McConnell
  • Joanna Segieth
  • Angeles Escarti Nebot
  • Rhydian Howells
  • Richard Huckle
  • Paul Jefferys
  • Cecil Nick
  • Sean Russell
  • Amy Smith
  • Rachel Stilliard
  • Martin Lanigan
  • Kathryn Parsley
  • Anna Somuyiwa
  • Sabine Ruhle

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