About the Clinical Trials SPIN

The Clinical Trials SPIN (Special Interest Network) has been created to share information and experiences on the regulatory aspects of clinical trials.

Like for all of TOPRA’s SPIN groups, the aim of this group is to allow TOPRA members to have a network of fellow professionals who share an interest with whom they can exchange information, ask for help and occasionally meet.

Clinical Trials SPIN Steering group

  • Chair: Christopher Price
  • Caroline Robbo
  • Anuja Parekh
  • Susan Bhatti
  • Pauline Walstra
  • Shaila Choi
  • Shruta Patel
  • Pardeep Kaur Dhesi
  • Evonne O’Neill
  • Louise Boppert
  • Christine Grew
  • Catherine Howe
  • Celine Cuegniet
  • Linda Connolly
  • Marie Claire Aquilina
  • Julie Silvester
  • Carol Pitcher-Towner
  • Pierre-Frederic Omnes
  • Kapil Suryawanshi

can you please let me know how to get in touch with the clinical trials group ?

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