About the Patient Engagement SPIN category

The aims of the group:

  • To define a common understanding and definition of how Patient Engagement currently operates in the drug and medical devices development lifecycle and future opportunities for involvement across the life cycle.
  • To provide a forum for members to share and build knowledge and ideas on ways to incorporate the patient voice early and consistently as a clinical program evolves
  • To promote the importance of patient engagement from a regulatory perspective
  • To organise meetings, webinars and opportunities for the Patient Engagement SPIN group.

The group should be:

A source of best practice for applying Patient Engagement insights and learnings in the drug and medical devices development lifecycle.

  • Global in focus (Europe, North America and ROW).

Group Membership:

  • The group will only be open to the TOPRA membership.
  • Patient groups or patient advocates will be encouraged to join the Steering Committee and core team.
  • The steering group are a “core team" to benefit new members where possible.
  • Leadership team to be reviewed annually to elect Steering Committee members.

Steering group:
Susan Bhatti
Jo Dewhurst
Maryam Mangoli
Ayesha Butt
Nick Hicks
Ludivine Petit
Evgenia Mengou