About the Pharmacovigilance SPIN category

The PV Special Interest Network (SPIN) was created for TOPRA members in January 2009 to provide a forum for regulatory affairs professionals working in the field of Pharmacovigilance. The inaugural launch was held at the TOPRA HQ, Heron Quays, London on 14 January 2009. At the inaugural meeting, initial membership was 15 and is currently growing; 10 of these members have formed the Steering Group that is responsible for guiding and organising the various SPIN initiatives and activities.

How does the work of the SPIN contribute to the overall aims of the organisation?

It’s forum for the discussion and exchange of information and best practices for TOPRA members working within or with Pharmacovigilance functions, where Pharmacovigilance covers human and veterinary medicinal products including, but not limited to, medical devices, herbal medicines and cosmetics.


• To raise the awareness of global pharmacovigilance in a European context

• To promote collaboration between individuals and with other organisations involved in drug safety

• To contribute to the raising of professional competency, standards and understanding of PV

• To provide a forum for the exchange of information/knowledge transfer

• To provide insights in and raise awareness of future developments.

If you want to get to know like-minded professionals from a variety of pharmacovigilance business sectors, learn from their experiences, share your ideas and actively participate in our discussions, then contact us with a view to joining the PV SPIN.