About the Product information and Labelling SPIN category

The main purpose of this SPIN is to share regulatory knowledge and experience around product information.This SPIN is open to all TOPRA members who share a common interest in product information and would like to connect with others working in this area. Members of this group could be either working in the field of product information or working with the teams who focus in this area.


Sharing regulatory knowledge and experiences related to product information across drug product life cycle

Providing training opportunities to less experienced members in the area of product information

Voicing opinions via TOPRA to legislation consultations organized by regulatory agencies (EMA/MHRA/FDA)

Product Information and Labelling SPIN Steering group

  • Chair: Thomas Liebers
  • Ronnie Mundair
  • Giovanna Ferrari
  • Robert Ancuceanu
  • Emma Barry

I would definitely like to hear what everybody’s thoughts are on the new UKCA mark and implementation time frames etc.