About the Regulatory Operations SPIN category

About the Regulatory Operations SPIN

Mission Statement

Exchanging regulatory operations ideas, challenges and good practices via a neutral and independent forum with a wide range of group members, of whom 45% have 10 plus years’ professional working experiences, from the pharma, biotech, and medical device, veterinary and consulting services industries. This will enable our group members to learn different approaches and industry practices taken by various organisations of different sizes.


To provide a regulatory professionals forum to promote the exchanging of views, ideas and good practices for individuals, small/medium enterprises, major corporations and regulators to share regulatory operations experiences.

For all community members to provide a vendor neutral and independent source of collective information, advice and news on all aspects of Regulatory Operations for professionals from the pharma, biopharma, cosmetics, device and veterinary sectors.

To encourage expert input into the content of courses and meetings so that the needs of the Regulatory Operations sector are met in the TOPRA training programme.

To encourage expert contributions to the Regulatory Rapporteur on specialist topics.


To educate members on the developments in the Regulatory Operations landscape

To provide an open forum for discussion

To host Regulatory Operations SPIN Webinars that are in the best interest of the SPIN community

SPIN Membership

Regulatory Operations SPIN will only be open to the TOPRA membership but may still include content delivered by vendors and regulators drawn from the TOPRA membership. The group will maintain a neutral stance with respect to vendors/consultants and will not permit software or service promotion.

SPIN Steering Group

The Regulatory Operations SPIN Steering Group provide guidance for the overall SPIN such as providing content for discussion within the wider SPIN (on top of any content provided by the SPIN members), arrange seminars/webinars as well as the overall direction of the SPIN. Involvement in the SPIN Steering Group is highly encouraged as it allows greater networking among peers as well as being involved in a SPIN directly related to your interest.

Interested in joining the Regulatory Operations SPIN Steering Group?

The Steering Group meet on a monthly basis via teleconference to discuss new intelligence within the Regulatory Operations environment, potential seminar/webinars as well as improvements for the wider SPIN community. Please contact membership@topra.org to get involved.

Reg Ops SPIN Steering group

  • Chair: Paul Summerville
  • Andrew C Thornley
  • Hayley Henworth
  • Jack Daley
  • Jenny May
  • Rebecca Jackson
  • Sarah Chan
  • Satnam Bhambra
  • Stephen Young
  • Valeria Graffeo