About the TOPRA in North America category

The vision of TOPRA In North America is to be the regional networking and educational organisation for Regulatory Affairs (RA) professionals, based or working in North America, involved in all aspects of global healthcare Regulatory Affairs.

In 2004, a TOPRA North America Leadership Team (NALT) was formed to create and implement a regional TOPRA organisation, recognised in North America, aimed at optimising value for local TOPRA members, and aligned to the existing TOPRA international core structures.

The aim of TOPRA In North America is to enhance the awareness and value of TOPRA in the region, to aid members in growing their global network and RA knowledge base, and to become the most important source for European Regulatory Affairs information in North America. The NALT spearheads an annual plan that includes the production of educational programming, membership outreach, and the development of strategic alliances to support this vision.

A series of teleconferences and/or face to face meetings are arranged throughout the year to facilitate these goals. The TOPRA NALT provides resources for the TOPRA In NA community members via the TOPRA publications (such as the Regulatory Rapporteur and In Touch), the TOPRA In North America community website and discussion group, and regional seminars, together providing an opportunity for community networking, knowledge sharing and outreach to prospective members.