Drug-Device Combination - Webinar

Dear Topra Colleagues,

Topra in France organised a webinar on Drug-Device Combination held 24 Feb 2021. We are happy to share the link of the recorded webinar :


Content of the webinar:
Title: TOPRA in France / “Drug device combination product”

  1. Topra in France introduction (Gabriel Bohl) – 5 min
  2. Drug Device combinations and MDR (Margareth Jorvid) – 30min + 10 min Q&A
  3. Drug Device combination product: case studies (Dolores Edmont) – 30 min + 10 min Q&A

Wish you All a great day !

Best regards,

Gabriel Bohl
Topra in France Lead


Thanks so much for organising this webinar and sharing the recording @gabriel.bohl! A fantastic resource for the TOPRA community :grinning:

Thanks to @margareth.jorvid and @dolores.edmont for sharing your insights - look forward to discussing further at the MedTech SPIN monthly DDC products meeting tomorrow!

Best wishes