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We will be running more informal discussion calls on ‘software as a device’ before the years ends. If you would like to join the next call with circa 25 other members interested in software as a medical device, please reply here and we can add you to the calendar invite.
If you are already planning to attend, why not post some suggestions for the focus of the November call?

Date: 10 Nov 2020
Time: 1pm GMT/2pm CET
Format: 1 hour informal discussion

We are very grateful to @celia.cruz for suggesting these calls and for being the host, Obrigado! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Sinead, can please add me to the calendar invite. Thanks

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Great! I have sent you the calendar invite, speak to you then

Would like to attend.

Kindest regards


great, you are added in to this calendar invite too Linda :smiley:

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The call next week will have a special guest (David Horton- GSK) invited by Host: Celia Cruz, Peekmed
and we will be talking about “Cybersecurity” in relation to Software as a medical device.

Greetings All: I am looking for someone to do a review of cybersecurity and privacy documentation - has anyone got any suggestions/recommendations?

Hi Neal,
Just saw this now. I don’t know, but would be interested in who can do it too.

For Neal and all:
Taking the note on cybersecurity, please find enclosed the presentation from last session with David Horton on this topic.

SAMD SPIN Sub Group.pptx.pdf (1.4 MB)

Hi everyone,

We’ll be recommencing the discussion group again from next Tuesday, 12pm CET!

The topic of discussion is IEC 82304-2 on the quality and reliability of health and wellness apps, with the invited speaker Petra Hoogendoorn.

If you didn’t receive the invite from Sinead and want to join just reply to this post. It will be great to see some new faces as well as the fantastic people who’ve been joining to share knowledge and experience so far.

If you have anything in particular you’d like to discuss, please feel free to mention it here and we can start thinking about it!

Best regards,

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I am sharing the recording of the presentation by Petra Hoogendoorn last week on the quality and reliability of Health and wellness apps. It was a really interesting topic: