Online Tools for Achieving Regulatory Intelligence Needs

This is my first TOPRA Communities post so a big hello to you all.

As a regulatory consultant I am very often tasked with creating a regulatory strategy for my clients. At this point I have to put on my regulatory intelligence hat, mainly because I don’t have a regulatory intelligence department to lean on.

When working with larger clients I sometimes do have access to certain data gathering regulatory intelligence tools, but in the main, it is my responsibility to search out the relevant content, analyse it and produce (and present) my report and strategy.

In a serendipitous twist of fate I was approached by the Swedish company Hoodin, who offer an external content monitoring platform. It was just what I needed so I started using it for my regulatory intelligence searching, collating and reviewing/sharing needs. The time and cost saving benefits are noticeable for me.

In fact, so impressed with their product I agreed to start working with Hoodin as a consultant at the back of 2020 to help them further develop the platform in other areas, including PV and content marketing in pharma.

I would love to learn from others members on how you currently achieve your regulatory intelligence needs?

They are very soon to be releasing a new version of the platform that is more intuitive and tailored to needs such as ours within regulatory and PV. Please let me know if you would be interested to learn more about the product and how it could help you, your department or your company.

Please take a look at their explainer video here and, if you are interested in trialing the platform you can sign up for a free no obligation trial here.

I look forward to hearing other peoples’ experience either with this platform or other similar ones.

Thanks for taking the time to read (and hopefully respond) to this


Nicholas Wells
Managing Director – Independent Pharma Consultants Limited, UK


Hi Nicholas, thanks a lot for sharing your experience and it will be good to see others comments. This is a topic we also discuss on a regular basis during the RI SPIN Steering Group calls. If you want to join a team of fantastic volunteers (in all objectivity :slight_smile: ), let me know. I also invite you to look at the RI Knowledge Hub available from the TOPRA website for a few ideas collected on sources of RI, including paying databases and tools.

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Hi Celine
Thank your welcome and comments.
This is all very timely in relation to the latest edition of Regulatory Rapporteur.
I would very much like to join the team you refer to, and although I am consulting for Hoodin, I am more than capable of being objective, particularly as Hoodin’s product is a mere piece in the puzzle of RI.

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