Regulatory landscape in India and role of TOPRA in India

Please join us for the networking session at TOPRA Annual Symposium on 5th Oct 2020 (11 AM BST) where the panel talks through the vision of TOPRA in INDIA and about our plans for the future. We hope it be an interactive session.

Panel members:
Abhishek Sinha: Director Global Reg Affairs – ADVANZ PHARMA
Hasumati Rahalkar: Founder & Director, Metina PharmConsulting Pvt Ltd
Manish Bajaj: Director Reg Affairs CMC - MSD
Dr. Milind Narvekar: Vice President Global Reg Affairs – TEVA
Suresh Babu Singana: Sr. Manager Reg Affairs – ADVANZ PHARMA
Ulka Chorge: Director Regulatory Affairs – TEVA

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