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Here you can find all of the resources relating to the Regulatory Intelligence SPIN.

Meetings - 2010
2010-10-28-introduction-web.pdf (1.7 MB)
Regulatory Intelligence - slides from SPIN 23.02.10.pdf (1.1 MB)
TOPRA Regulatory Intelligence SPIN Introduction, 23.02.10.pdf (324.5 KB)
TOPRA Regulatory Intelligence SPIN Kick-off Agenda.pdf (196.1 KB)
TOPRA RI SPIN Roadmap 2010-10.pdf (131.9 KB)

Meetings - 2012
Agenda for RI SPIN SG Meeting 22 March 2012.pdf (295.9 KB)

TOPRA policies
Social media policy.pdf (20.3 KB)
Volunteering for TOPRA.pdf (93.0 KB)

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