Substance Management in Relation to SPOR Webinar

Joris Kampmeijer (of CBG-MEB) and Frits Stulp (of CBG-MEB through Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy) gave a presentation to the TOPRA Regulatory Operations SPIN group at our 2020 Symposium. This can be viewed here.

Thank you to Joris and Frits for their talk at our Symposium :smiley: Iā€™m sure you will find this an interesting webinar to watch :desktop_computer:


This was an excellent webinar. I was unable to view this live on the day but the functionality of this community portal enabled me to watch this today. Lots of things to think about in how we use data and the importance that data will be in the future - surpassing document usage. I am very pleased that our SPIN was able to secure such excellent speakers and I hope people found this useful.