TOPRA in INDIA - Annual Symposium slide deck

TOPRA in INDIA 2020 Annual Symposium Slide deck.pdf (347.1 KB) Dear TOPRA in INDIA Members,

I am very glad to share that this community is increasing and we now have close to 80 members and that’s ever growing. In the recently held Annual Symposium (Oct 2020), TOPRA in INDIA Steering group participated in a networking session and talked through our vision and how we intend to play a role in the regulatory landscape of India. A copy of the slide deck is attached for everyone’s reference.

Although a relatively newly formed group, we already have a couple of planned events lined up in the next two months. The first one would be a webinar on “Regulatory Flexibilities shown by different Regulatory bodies across the world” and it’s scheduled on 24th Nov. I will encourage all TOPRA in INDIA members to go ahead and register for the event. The registration is free for members. Details of the next webinar to follow shortly.

Please watch the space and support us by getting engaged with us actively, sharing your views and suggestions using the TOPRA platform.

Take care, Stay Safe

Kind Regards
Abhishek Sinha

Chair- TOPRA in INDIA Steering Committee