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Hello and welcome to all members of the Product Information and Labelling SPIN group. :tada:
With the new platform now in place, the Product Information and Labelling SPIN Steering group would like to hear from you about the topics you would like to discuss here and in events. Do let us know by adding a comment to this Topic. Talk soon! Welcome-back



Hi, I think that UDI and labelling requirements such as new symbols etc would be a good topic, for instance how people are managing assigning GMN etc? Thanks


I thought this is a wonderful and inspriational first post of 2021. In my own field of pharamaceutical Labeling, Braille plays an important role in ensuring that visually impaired patients are enabled to use medicines and other treatments safely and independently.

#WorldBrailleDay #Braille #Labeling #Labelling #pharmaceuticals #patientcentric #healthcare

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